RAMSEE Is A Security Guard Robot With Infrared Vision

Designed to detect human bodies

Gamma 2 Robotics’ RAMSEE borrows the name of pharaohs, which is fitting since it works the graveyard shift. The security bot is an autonomous patrolman, rolling around empty halls and hard-to-surveil places, its LIDAR eyes and infrared cameras scanning the environment around it at all times. It is a robot built for empty spaces, alerting its human overseers to any harmful intrusion of life.

Here it is patrolling a server farm.

And here, a pair of the robots scan a hallway before peering into the beyond.

So, what, besides looking ridiculous in promotional videos, does this robot do? From Gamma 2 Robotics:

The main features of RAMSEE are the infrared vision, laser radar navigation, 360 degree cameras, heat sensing, and toxic gas detection, but the marquee item is that having a robot do patrols is cheaper than having humans do them.

Watch it below: