Peeing in public is the worst. And unfortunately, in major cities with any kind of nightlife, the stench of stale urine on the street is an incredibly annoying and disgusting part of life. But residents of Hamburg, Germany’s bustling St. Pauli neighborhood figured out a solution. They located some of the areas that late night revelers frequently turned into impromptu urinals, and painted them with hydrophobic paint. Because the paint repels liquids, the pee splashes back on the pee-er in what must be one of the fastest iterations of karmic justice ever seen.

Here at Popular Science we’ve seen plenty of hydrophobic materials, from coatings that won’t scratch, to shirts that resist spills, but this, this is amazing. Watch justice in action in a video created by community group IG St Pauli.

Water-Repellent Paint Punishes Revelers Who Use Street As Public Toilet

[Via Gizmodo, The Guardian]