How to train your Facebook News Feed to give you the info you want

Feed the news need of the new Facebook News Feed.

Facebook constantly tweaks its News Feed algorithm so you’ll see more of what the company thinks is important to you. Right now, however, it’s making a more significant shift: In the future, posts from businesses, brands, and media will appear less frequently, while interactions from family and friends will receive more promotion.

This push for less breaking news and more family updates is great if you like to keep tabs on your nearest and dearest through social media. But what if you also want to see the latest news from media outlets and your favorite public Pages? You can retrain your News Feed to show more of those types of posts. Here’s how.

Set your priorities

As a first step, you need to decide which people and pages interest you most. Because posts do not appear in your News Feed in chronological order, setting these priorities will determine whose updates you see first.

Start by logging in to the Facebook website. Then click the three dots next to the News Feed link and select Edit Preferences. Finally, click Prioritize who to see first to pick the contacts you’d like Facebook to promote at the top of your News Feed. To prioritize media sources and other pages, click the drop-down menu at the top and choose Pages, which will bring up a list of the organizations you follow.

Because you can’t prioritize Pages you don’t follow, you should also add some new sources. While you’re on the same settings page, scroll down and click Discover Pages that match your interests. This brings up a list of public Pages, not personal profiles, with which you might want to connect. If you see anything of interest, click the relevant Like button, and Facebook will integrate that source into your News Feed. You can also seek out specific news outlets by typing their names into the search box at the top of the page. Click through to that outlet’s Page, select Follow, then choose See first to promote it in your News Feed.

You can also edit your priorities on the mobile app, and Facebook will apply these changes to your view of the website. To access these options on the Android app, tap the menu button (three horizontal lines on the top right) followed by News Feed Preferences. On iOS, hit the menu button (three horizontal lines on the bottom right), choose Settings, and then tap News Feed Preferences.

Consider your pages

Who and what do you actually follow? It may be some time since you’ve reviewed the public Pages that you’ve liked, and doing so will help you weed out your past interests to focus on your current ones.

To take that trip down memory lane, visit the Facebook website and click the Pages link on the left side of the page. Choose Liked Pages, scroll down to the Review Liked Pages heading, and click Get Started.

From here, you can un-Like outdated Pages, and you can also discover new ones, such as those for your local news. To find them, check out the banner at the top of the page and click Top Suggestions or Local picks.

Review posts as you go

Adjusting your News Feed should be an ongoing process: As you scroll aimlessly down your feed, you can tweak what you see in real time.

Say you come across a post you dislike: Tap the little downward arrow in the top corner (in the iOS app the button looks like three dots instead of an arrow) and choose Hide post. When you hide an update, Facebook’s algorithm will begin showing you fewer stories from this person or Page. So selecting this option can help you dismiss any content you don’t care about or simply don’t want to see.

Additional options

By the time you’ve worked through these steps, the new Facebook should know exactly what you want to see in your News Feed—at least until the company decides to tweak its algorithm again. Any time you want to adjust your view again, you can check out our full guide to customizing your News Feed. For the moment, however, the basic actions we’ve outlined will tell the current algorithm that you want to see news updates from your favorite sites and sources, in addition to posts from your personal contacts.

In fact, if you want to bypass your friends and family entirely, you can check out a stream of posts from public Pages you follow (though this only appears on the Facebook website, not the apps). Access the stream by clicking the Pages feed link on the left side of the page. In this view, you can’t customize the order in which posts appear, but you can still check out your news updates without bothering over any personal clutter.