Video: New Exo-Arm Makes Your Arm Seem Weightless, Reducing Annoying Drink-Lifting Fatigue

Exoskeletons aren’t all just made for soldiers — now they can help desk jockeys reach for a pen or a cup of coffee, and reduce the fatigue that comes with typing all day long.

The x-Ar arm support won’t give you superhuman strength or do your work for you — it will just help your arm feel a little less like dead weight.

The first model can help prevent fatigue and repetitive stress injuries, although it’s not designed to address medical conditions, according to manufacturer Equipois. See it in action in the video below.

It attaches to your arm and supports your limb’s weight, but allows for full range of motion, which can let you work with your arms outstretched for longer periods. The device is a descendant of the company’s zeroG mechanical arm, which holds tools and parts so that they seem weightless, reducing fatigue in factories and other workplaces.

The exoskeleton debuted Monday at a trade show and will go on sale in June, according to Equipois.

[via Engadget]