Techathlon podcast: Google’s new goods, the food delivery derby, and internet outrage

When you play the game of lunch, you either win or you pay for lunch.

Listen to the latest episode on the player below. Techathlon

The internet has an impressive ability to get mad about just about anything. The new animated Sonic the Hedgehog had “weird legs,” and Game of Thrones either showed too much or too little brutal warfare, depending on who you ask. But one thing we can all agree on: The latest episode of the Techathlon podcast packs with interesting—and sometimes useful—information into a fun game show format.

We had a lot of ground to cover this week, with lots of new Google announcements, addressing various outrage, and turning ordering lunch into a brutal grudge match.

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Here’s a peek at what to expect from this week’s show.

Techathlon Decathlon

Last week, Rob’s long reign as champion came to an end. Can he regain the crown? That all depends on how much he knows about the announcements from Google’s I/O conference, Uber’s IPO, and adorable emojis.

Us vs. the Internet

Once of the best parts of having a podcast is having a platform for sharing our opinions. In this game, we take on some of the internet’s strongest opinions, including the merits of cheap phones, Facebook’s latest privacy promises, and the benefits of a vertical TV. (Remember, our Twitter is @TechathlonShow if you’d like to vehemently agree with any of us.)

Delivery Derby

This Sunday, millions of people will plunk themselves down on the couch for the series finale of Game of Thrones. And what goes better with dragons and warfare than boneless wings and curly fries? In this game, our contestants each order food with an app on their phones and the first food to arrive is the winner. What’s the best strategy? Order something from a place that’s really close to cut down on transport time? Pick a food that’s pre-made so there’s no prep involved? Listen and find out.