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Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find in this week’s episode

Techathlon Decathlon

All the tech news you need to know from last week broken down into 10 fun trivia questions. This week’s topics include a serious computer vulnerability with a scary name, Alexa’s new mode that protects your house, and Netflix’s foray into gaming.

Tech Time Machine: 1997

Back in 1997, the Tamagotchi was the hottest toy with kids—and the scourge of elementary schools everywhere. Now, the toy is back in the spotlight, so we’re taking a trivia trip back to that fine neon-clad year. In this game, the contestants try to answer questions about the hottest gadgets and tech trends happening when Seinfeld was still on the air.

Don’t Stat Me: Flyin’ High

How much do you really know about air travel? This week, Rob put together a series of fascinating stats about our relationship with the sometimes-friendly skies and the aircrafts we use to get up there. How many ping pong balls fit in a huge airplane? Listen and find out.

Programming note

There won’t be a new episode next week due to the Memorial Day holiday, but we’ll be back the following week to give your brain a workout. Consider this your mental recovery week. Get a brain massage or maybe some brain acupuncture. You’ve earned it.