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Don’t take chloroquine to prevent COVID-19

As COVID-19 sweeps across North America and hospitals prepare for an influx of patients, researchers are working to figure out if any drugs currently on the market can be used to combat the illness. They’ve identified a number of candidates, including chloroquine, but there’s nowhere near enough evidence yet to indicate any of these drugs work.

Here’s how PrEP medications outsmart HIV

In October, the Food and Drug Administration approved Descovy as the second HIV-prevention medication available in the U.S., six years after approving Truvada for the same purpose. Both drugs, produced by Gilead Sciences, originally functioned as treatments for patients who had already contracted the virus. Now, they’re two of the safest and most effective measures to prevent the spread of HIV in at-risk populations like men who have sex with men and people who inject drugs. But how do these medicines work, and what’s the risk involved with taking them?

What it means to have ‘undetectable’ HIV—and why you need to know

Safe sex practices and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medications have prevented many further infections, and the evolution of antiretroviral (ART) treatments have stalled the virus from replicating in people who already have it. But in many communities, people living with undetectable HIV statuses still face stigma that marginalizes them as “dirty” and unsafe to have sex with. Here’s how the science disproves that.