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Watch This Woman Climb A Skyscraper With A Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner wielding superheroes are about to be taken a lot more seriously, and LG just made a demonstrative show of power for their newest battery. Professional climber Sierra Blair-Coyle was the guinea pig for a daring proof of power: LG CordZero batteries powered two vacuum cleaners that helped her summit a 33-story building in South Korea.

These Could Be Google’s New Nexus Phones: 5X And 6P Photos Leak

Google’s event will take place on September 29, but that hasn’t stopped their newest Nexus devices from leaking. The Nexus 5X and 6P are rumored to be revealed at the search company’s announcement in San Francisco on Tuesday. But almost a full week early, the devices have appeared on camera. Nexus 5X Google has partnered […]

Curved Phones Are No Gimmick

If you compare the phone in your pocket to the model before it, you probably won’t find a lot of change. Maybe a faster processor and a bigger screen, but those are small potatoes. The last time phones underwent any big hardware shift was when manufacturers began swapping dim LCD screens for bright OLEDs a […]

People Mostly Ignore Smart TV Features, Because They Are Bad

A new survey finds that most people with smart TVs aren’t using the majority of the smart features. TV manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Sony stick all kinds of internet-connected features into their mid- and high-end TVs, but the interfaces are generally confusing and not optimized for sitting on a couch 10 feet away from a screen, and this survey confirms that nobody really wants to browse Twitter on a TV. But the silver lining is that a high percentage of users–more than half–are using the video-related apps, like Netflix and Hulu Plus. That’s great! [via The Daily Mail]

The Second Wave of Gesture-Controlled TVs

The overwhelming success of Microsoft’s Kinect sensor is just now showing up in grainy photocopied forms–meaning, the ripoffs are emerging. But that’s actually okay with us. Some of them work really well, and do things the Kinect, due to it being a third-party accessory, won’t ever be able to do. We played with new gesture experiments from LG and Samsung, and we’re kind of looking forward to the next year, when we can heave our remote controls out the window forever.

LG’s 55-Inch OLED TV Is a Four-Millimeter Beauty

At the very first press conference of this year’s CES, LG started things off by making my (pretty nice!) TV feel like the 32-inch CRT that’s in my hotel room. There are precious few details about this guy, including when (or if) it will ever go on sale. But based on my limited time with the screen, crammed in with a hundred other people at the press event, I am very, very impressed.