LG will showcase their flexible OLED display at CES 2016.
LG will showcase their flexible OLED display at CES 2016. LG

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There’s an alternate universe in which every computer screen and smartphone can be rolled like a newspaper, and TVs come in long cardboard tubes. Unfortunately, that’s not our reality, despite a new prototype by LG.

The company announced today an ultra-slim, flexible 18-inch OLED display that rolls into a cylinder without being damaged. However, it’s just a prototype, and probably not going on sale any time soon.

Other competitors like Samsung and Sony have shown their take on the bendy screen, but none of the CES prototypes have been taken to market.

What the company will actually be selling, though, are huge, non-bendy TVs.

Coming in sizes from 65-inches to 139-inches, LG is gunning for both the high-end OLED TV consumer market, as well as commercial signage.

The largest monitor in LG’s CES 2016 array is an 89-inch display with a 58:9 aspect ratio, which they suggest for use in airports. Secondary, non-sanctioned uses may include visualizing the entire linear Super Mario World.