The Hit List For May 2016

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Starry Station

Starry Station, $350

Wi-Fi routers are finally cool. Starry Station’s touchscreen shows your gadgets in a galaxy of orbs, depicting which devices use the most data, and letting you cut the kiddies’ connection at bedtime. The best feature: displaying your way-too-complicated Wi-Fi password.
Fix It Sticks

Fix It Sticks, $30

Midcommute bike repairs are no fun, and few of us carry the tools needed for a quick fix. Fix It Sticks are a tiny multitool with various-size screwdriver bits. It’s foldable T-shaped handle fits in your pocket, so you’ll never get stuck again.
Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot, $90

Amazon’s Echo the size of a hockey puck: That’s Echo Dot. The voice-activated assistant still answers queries, spins Spotify, and summons your Uber. But it’s got a new trick: support for wired or Bluetooth speakers.

Roost Smoke-Detector Alarm Battery , $35

Make your old smoke detector smart. The Roost plugs into any off-the-shelf model and sends alerts to your smartphone if the alarm rings or when the battery gets low. $35
Britta Infinity Pitcher

Britta Infinity Pitcher, $45 + $6/filter

What good is a Britta if you never change the water filter? This one senses when your filter is nearing its end and pings Amazon via Wi-Fi. A new one arrives just in time.
UrbanEars Hella

UrbanEars Hella, $120

What’s a commute without proper cans? A cord and in-line remote is replaced by Bluetooth, and a discreet ear touchpad lets you pick a song or change volume. Keep the party going.

Ringly Aries, $275

Wearables don’t all look like tiny computers. Ringly’s smart bracelet riffs on the company’s ring idea. The Aries collection’s striking gold band wraps around your wrist and offers a step tracker, in addition to vibrate and a notification light.
Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear 360, $TBD

Great VR needs great content. The Gear 360 shoots using two 195-degree cameras, then stitches together near-4K quality images, viewable on Samsung’s Gear VR headset. Video recording comes full circle.
Might Spotify player

Mighty, $80

Combine iPod Shuffle design with Spotify functionality and you get greatness. Take that eerily on-point Discover Weekly playlist to the gym or on a hike without worry of wrecking your iPhone.


LG’s latest smartphone focuses on modularity. Slide the battery tray out to affix a camera add-on with physical controls, a DAC for better music, or a larger battery for those long days. Fill your utility belt to the brim. $650

This article was originally published in the May/June 2016 issue of Popular Science, under the title, “The Hit List.”