Explorer Bear is the portable fridge that says goodbye to ice

Boasting a 75L capacity, it's ideal for transporting food and beverages on any adventure.

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Summer’s calling, and you know what that means—time for epic adventures! Whether you’re conquering mountain trails, chilling by the lake, or braving monumental lines at the amusement park, packing for fun can be a logistical nightmare. Enter the Explorer Bear, the ultimate summer essential that’s about to become your new best friend for only $599. 

Think of the Explorer Bear as a portable fortress of refreshment. Boasting a cavernous 75L capacity, it holds a staggering 106 12 fl. oz. cans. That’s enough to keep your entire crew hydrated on scorching days.

Feeling more like a craft beer or sparkling water kind of day? No sweat. Its cavernous interior can chill up to 85 16 fl. oz. bottles. Now you can bring along your favorite IPA or bubbly without sacrificing space for food.

But it isn’t just about drinks. With all that space, you can pack a gourmet spread that would make even the most discerning bear envious. Picture picnics with enough sandwiches, salads, and snacks to fuel a full day of adventure.

Beyond its impressive capacity, the Explorer Bear boasts features that make it a true adventurer’s dream companion:

Unrelenting chill powered by LG: The Explorer Bear has an innovative dual-temperature zone system with independent controls of both refrigerator and freezer compartments. This allows for optimized chilling of your food and beverage items, ensuring everything stays perfectly preserved for up to 5 days.

Built like a tank: Forget flimsy coolers that buckle under pressure. Constructed with rugged stainless steel materials, it features a special outdoor weatherproof coating that can handle anything summer throws your way, from off-road adventures to sandy beaches.

The Explorer Bear is your perfect companion for any adventure, big or small. Get out there and explore—the wilderness (or the nearest park) awaits!

Keep your drinks cold, your food fresh, and your summer spirit soaring with the Explorer Bear EX75DW 79.3QT/75L 12/24V Portable Dual Zone Electric Fridge Freezer, available now for $599.

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