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How Carhartt re-engineered a 1950s work jacket that became an unlikely fashion icon

The Carhartt Detroit work jacket is an unlikely darling in the vintage clothing world. It’s been in production in various forms seen around auto shops, construction sites, and hardcore shows for 70 years. But thrifters and vintage resellers dream about stumbling across one of these now-coveted, well-loved garments on a Goodwill rack. The more fading […]

Would you wear this ‘shoe-like vessel’ made from genetically engineered bacteria?

Transitioning towards sustainable clothing practices is a must for combating climate change, so researchers are turning to bacteria for their fashion inspiration. As detailed in the research journal Nature Biotechnology, a team at Imperial College London has genetically engineered new microbial strains capable of being woven into wearable material, while simultaneously self-dyeing itself in the […]