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The last woolly mammoths were impressively inbred—but that’s not what killed them

Despite multiple attempts to resurrect woolly mammoths, the ancient animal species currently remains very much extinct. Their last known population—a group isolated by rising sea levels on Wrangel Island off the Siberian coast—managed to survive 6,000 years before finally disappearing roughly 10,000 years ago. But unlike the dinosaurs, what specifically caused the Wrangel mammoths to […]

Mass extinction 183 million years ago offers dire warning for modern oceans

Earth has endured multiple mass extinctions during its existence—the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event (T-OAE), for example, decimated the planet’s marine ecosystems. But according to a new study from international researchers at Caltech, George Mason University, the University of Naples, and elsewhere, the T-OAE’s destructive fallout over 300,000-to-500,00 years may pale in comparison to what humanity […]