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Your home’s microbiome, revealed

There’s a whole world unfolding in your house, and one that you’ll never see: the life of your home’s microbiome. This complicated little universe of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other microbes is on every surface and even in the air you breathe. But unlike your pipes, lights, and appliances, this microscopic ecosystem keeps itself running—as long as we don’t meddle too much with it.

Humans will definitely bring microbes to Mars—so we might as well bring our favorites

Scientists aren’t sure how these critters will fare on the Red Planet and an essay published recently in Microbial Ecology says that’s a big problem. Most talk of microbes in space has previously focused on how we might avoid littering alien worlds with our stowaway species, but the authors of this new paper argue that contamination is inevitable. Instead of speculating on how to minimize an astronaut’s microbial footprint, they say, the space community will eventually need to focus on harnessing the critters to work for us.