Although televisions have advanced by leaps and bounds in most departments—it’s difficult to find a set that isn’t a 4K smart TV with a multitude of built-in streaming apps—they still tend to lag in the sound department. The internal speakers of most TVs just aren’t up to the level of the visuals. Perhaps it’s because the makers assume you’ll be looking to bring in a little extra help.

Of course, you’ll want that little extra help better be as “extra” as possible, so to that end we present some advanced-level soundbars that will provide detailed, sophisticated sound options so you won’t have to settle for built-in speaker mediocrity anymore.

Hear better: Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar

What You’ve Been Missing

Features Bluetooth connectivity and can be wall-mounted. Amazon

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As anyone who has literally had to watch a big action film with their audio remote in their hands can attest, it can be really annoying when a movie flip-flops between window-rattling explosions and whisper-level dialogue. Utilizing optical audio, coaxial audio, and 3.5mm auxiliary inputs, the Bose is designed to bring the dialogue front and center for those who appreciate banter as much as booms. There is literally a “dialogue” button on the remote control (indicated by a comic book-style word balloon) that delivers noticeable enhancement.

Budget pick: Bestisan Sound Bar

Powerful And Sleek Option

You won’t know it’s there, until you want to. Amazon

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From its rounded design and just under 28-inch length, the Bestisan just has a great look and feel that can blend in with your overall theater system but also impress when it does get noticed. The speakers consist of 3-inch full-range drivers, dual high-sensitivity spherical silk film tweeter drivers, and twin bass reflex tubes. The Bestisan is Bluetooth-enabled and can function wirelessly as well as wired, with RCA, optical, and USB connectivity. It also is built around DSP technology that can be adjusted for viewing type (from normal TV news to more intricate FX-heavy movies).

Value pick: Bomaker Soundbar

Bring The Noise

You get intuitive controls and four separate modes. Amazon

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Usually, those in the market for a soundbar are looking for minimalism. One bar, that’s it. But sometimes you’re open to a little more in the accessory department if it means delivering the kind of bass boost your home theater experience seems to be lacking. In those cases, you want to check out the Bomaker. This soundbar comes with a 150-watt subwoofer. Before you scoff at the idea of cluttering up your space with additional devices, consider that is mercifully slim and can even be laid on its side for easier integration (although for optimal bass quality it’s best of you can stand it upright).