If you turn your head to either side, right now, just slightly, chances are you will notice some blurs, blotches, and blips of dirt or gunk on your screen. It’s only natural to get a little grime on your phone or computer, just think about how much you use these things day in and day out. While you can combat smudges with just a microfiber cloth, picking up a screen cleaner that’s specifically formulated to give you a clearer picture is a great way to go. We have found a few options that are all super easy to use and most can fit in a purse or bag so you can take it on the go. You’ll have no excuse for not getting rid of those fingerprints and flecks of dust.

Best overall: WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit

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Can you see me now? Amazon

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This kit comes with everything you need to keep all your screens clean. In each box is one 3.4-ounce bottle of solution, one 0.5- ounce travel size bottle, and 3 microfiber cloths. This solution is alcohol, ammonia, and odor-free, making it safe for any screen and any user. Simply spray the cleaner onto the cloth and go to town on your phone, computer, tablet, or TV screen; don’t forget to go over each device’s camera so you can get and give clearer pictures. Screen Shine is also a great way to clean your glasses while you’re at it, so you can say goodbye to blurry views for good.

Best eco-friendly: Calyptus Screen Cleaner Spray Kit

A True Clarity

One wipe and you can swipe. Amazon

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This cleaning spray is 100 percent natural, non-toxic, VOC-free, plant-based, and biodegradable so you can feel confident knowing your cleaner is safe for you and the environment. Each package comes with two 4-ounce spray bottle and an extra-large, 8 x 8-inch, reusable E-wipe to lift dust and dirt from your screen’s surfaces without leaving streaks. It will do a fantastic job on pretty much any screen imaginable: 4K HED, LED, LCD TVs, iPhones, Kindles, sunglasses, eyeglasses, GPS navigators, and more.

Great value: Screen Mom Screen Cleaner Kit

Gentle And Effective

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Screen Mom knows what she’s doing when it comes to getting a great clean for every screen. It’s formulated to be safe for everyone in your home, including children and pets. This Screen Mom solution can clear away grime and grubby fingerprints from all kinds of flatscreens including LED, HDTV, 4K, Plasma, OLED, and more. The only time you need to use caution is if your screen comes with a specifically designed anti-reflective coating. This kit comes with a large microfiber cleaning cloth and a 16-ounce bottle that can deliver over 1,500 sprays of solution.

Best for travel: 3 Pack Dual Action Touch Screen Glass Cleaner Cleaning Ball

Get Rid Of Smudges

Cleared for cleaning by airport security. Amazon

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If you need something portable and liquid-free, these three little cleaning balls are a great option. Best for smaller devices like a laptop, cellphone, or tablet, these little guys can get a lot done without using a liquid solution. Each ball has a microfiber side to remove difficult dirt and a terry cloth side for fingerprints and smudges. Keep one at your desk, one in your car, and one on your person. and you’ll never have to look at a smudgy screen again.