Lawn edgers that keep your property from looking like a jungle

Give your property a tight, polished look.

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Lawn edgers are a perfect way to give your property a finished and polished look by keeping the grass along walkways, gardens, and driveways neat and trimmed. Generally, there are two types of edgers: Electric and gas-powered. Edgers that run on electricity use batteries or can be plugged into a standard wall outlet, and are ideal for people with smaller outdoor spaces or tighter budgets. Gas-powered edgers offer more power for bigger projects. However, they weigh more and you have to make sure you keep them fueled up.

Edgers usually feature three wheels, two to drive the machine forward and one that acts as a guide. They can feature three types of blades: Flat, rectangular blades with plain edges for areas flush with driveways or sidewalks; flat rectangular blades with scoop-cut edges for delicate jobs like flower beds; and star-shaped blades for areas ending at walls.

The right edger can help give your lawn a professionally maintained look. Here are some great options.

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Designed for small- and medium-sized yards, the electric WG896 features a powerful 12-amp motor that delivers 4700 revolutions per minute. It uses 7.5-inch blades, and the cutting depth can be set to 1, 1.25, or 1.5 inches. Its adjustable shaft makes it comfortable to use, while a cord lock helps prevent the machine from being accidentally unplugged.

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With a 29cc, 4-cycle engine, this powerful edger is designed to handle larger lawns. It features a 9-inch, dual-tipped steel blade, which can be adjusted to six different positions. It has an ergonomically designed handle with throttle and idle controls for ease-of-use.

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With a 12-amp engine and 7.5-inch blade, the LE750 is an electric edger designed to make short-work of mid-sized properties. It only weighs 12.4 pounds, making it highly maneuverable and a bit easier on your back. It includes built-in cord retention to keep your power cord secure. What’s more, the pull-up edge-guide converts the edger to a landscape trencher, allowing this tool to pull double-duty on your yard.

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The MEO800 features a powerful battery so you’re not restricted by the length of your extension cord. And at only 11.3 pounds, it’s a lightweight, nimble machine that can get into tight spaces. The 8-inch blade delivers a deep, three-inch cut, though it can be adjusted for easily customizable edges. The battery and charger units are sold separately. If you’re already in the EGO Power+ lawn-care tools family, you can swap in one of those batteries, making this a welcome addition to your home-care system.