Label printers to help keep your business in ship shape

Streamline your operations.

Inkjet and laser printers are a solid option for printing up an occasional sheet of address labels for holiday cards, but they aren’t so great for generating shipping labels by the dozen. Ink and toner are costly, manually loading label sheets can be awkward, and when you have a big sales day, you’ll want to process orders with maximum speed to impress new and existing customers.

Toner and ink-free thermal label printers use heat to imprint barcodes and shipping information on chemically-treated paper, and are a smart solution for mail-order businesses, whether you sell handmade crafts, collect and auction rare baseball cards, or own a brick-and-mortar with a thriving online store. Find the perfect printer for your budget and business volume with these tips on top choices.

Design Meets Function

Comes with a USB drive containing drivers for Mac and Windows, and allows users to expedite merchandise that meets the specifications of multiple delivery services, shopping platforms, and couriers. Munbyn

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If you’ve spent hours creating mood boards and meticulously selecting the perfect furniture and paint colors for your home office, you’ll be happy to know it is possible to find a label printer that matches your unique style. As you assess where to place it in your workspace, don’t forget to factor in a holder to feed the machine either fanfold style labels or a label roll. If the beguiling design hits all of your criteria for speed, size, and budget, you can indulge in some behind-the-scenes shots for social media.

Quick Setup

This product features a brisk 150mm/s output ideal for large-quantity jobs, without needing toner, ink, or branded supplies. The black and grey model is compact and weighs just over two pounds. Rollo

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When investing in a label printer, be sure to factor in the cost of labels to your bottom line, and determine whether you’ll be buying proprietary labels or generics. Some delivery services (like UPS) offer free labels to business owners, but that only helps you if they’re compatible with the equipment you’ve chosen.

Also Generates USPS Postage

This item is designed for use with the company’s branded supplies, featuring over 60 templates for standard and warehouse shipping, and even organizing storage and making name badges. DYMO

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Business owners will likely want a machine that prints 4-inch by 6-inch labels for standard shipping, but to get the most out of your purchase, consider all the other items in your office—and home—that could use a little extra identification. Postage stamp labels are great for customer thank-you cards, and multipurpose labels can help you sort bulk foods, tea, and spices.