Foldable furniture for tiny apartments

Multifunctional pieces to make the most of a small space.

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The problem with furniture is that it takes up a lot of space. When empty, a bedroom might look spacious, but as soon as you move in your bed it becomes cramped. If you need your space to serve multiple purposes (like a place to sleep and eat), foldable furniture can help make the most of a small room. Here are some ideas and products we recommend.

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The Mix Folding Dining Room Table is versatile and multipurpose. Unlike others on the market, this one is designed so that both sides fold down. When folded, there’s no surface area, making it ideal for storing away. It can also serve as a console table or desk if you leave one panel up. When fully extended, it can seat four people.

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Folding chairs can be a good solution to save space when you only plan to use them on occasion—but so many of them are simply ugly. The Linon Keira Pad folding chairs are made from wood and are padded in the front and back, making them elegant and durable. When folded, they neatly stack together for easy storage.

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Beds tend to dominate a room, especially if you live in a small studio apartment. A Murphy Bed can be a lasting solution to turn a small area into a bedroom and a living room. The cabinet is slim and takes up little space during the day. Set up is easy and takes minimal effort. As a long term solution, a Murphy bed works better than a pull out sofa because you can use the mattress of your choice instead of a foldable one.