Under-bed storage to maximize the space in your tiny room

Stow away important paperwork, off-season clothes, extra handbags, and more.

bedroom with dog on bed
Maintain a tidy room and take some of the storage burden off your overloaded closet.Daniil Lobachev via Unsplash

Unless you’re a minimalist with a chic tatami mattress you keep directly on the floor, your bed offers ample opportunity for hidden storage. If you plan out the best way to organize your belongings (instead of just kicking things under of the bedskirt) and equip yourself with bins and boxes designed to make the space under your bed extra accessible, you can seriously improve the way you stow your belongings. Here are some of our favorite under-the-bed storage options.

Homz Plastic Underbed Storage
Basic and lightweight with wheels.Amazon

These plastic bins are lightweight and come with four wheels underneath, making them easy to slide out from under your bed. You can use them for storing winter coats or items you want to access more frequently, like gym supplies. The handles latch into place when you close it and are also intended to make it easier to pick up the container when you are moving (if you’re storing papers or books, it can get heavy). One box is about 6 inches tall and is designed to stack easily. If your bed is slightly taller than average, you can fit two stacked on top of each other. These boxes are available in both a 50-quart and 60-quart version.

Meetmiss Underbed Storage Containers
Foldable and can fit all shapes of items.Amazon

This product is a similar size to the plastic container and is particularly convenient for storing bulky comforters or bedding during the summer and spring, as well as winter clothing. Another benefit is that it folds up so that it won’t take up space when you’re not using it. There are two handles on the ends to make it easy to transport or rearrange. Make sure to note if the size fits your needs, because at 40 inches long, it’s larger than other storage containers.

Iris USA, Inc. BC-UB Under Bed Box Chest Drawer
They stack easily and come in different sizes.Amazon

These drawers are ideal for storing items you reach for daily. You can choose between a variety of sizes to match your bed frame’s height. As long as you don’t overstuff them or put too much weight into them, the drawers will open smoothly. It’s best suited for small, lightweight objects, rather than books or clothes.

Meila Bed Skirt Three Fabric Sides Elastic Wrap
Out of sight, out of mind. Amazon

Although this isn’t a storage option, per se, it’s a great solution to cover your stuff from being seen daily. This bed skirt is made from elastic and easily fits on the outside of your bed frame. You can match the color to your bedding so that it’s less noticeable.