Anyone who has ever tried to tighten a screw on their eyeglasses with their fingernail knows that our instinct to fix things often overrides whether or not we have the right tools. Screws are everywhere from shelf brackets to furniture to watch casings, but unfortunately there isn’t one universal tool that works with all of them. These four handy screwdriver sets cover your bases, from jewelry to electronics.

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If the particular smell of hardware stores make you think of tedious chores instead of exciting project ideas to transform your living space, this screwdriver set is for you. Stash it in a drawer and forget about it—until you find yourself assembling a new bed frame or putting up some blinds. At that time, this rust-resistant screwdriver with six interchangeable tips may prove a revelation. With two Phillips-head tips, two slotted screw tips, and two nut drivers that work to tighten nuts and bolts, this screwdriver gives you what you need to feel crafty and prepared without becoming a DIY person.

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This comprehensive and quality set is good for people who love tinkering with things around the house. The set includes four slotted screwdrivers and four Phillips-head screwdrivers, each at a length that works best for the type of screw you’re working with. For example, the smallest screwdriver has the shortest handle to accommodate tighter spaces. The Phillips screwdrivers have clear handles and the slotted screwdrivers have red handles, so it’s easier to grab the right one from your toolbox.

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Torx screws have a distinctive six-point star shape, so if you are purchasing an electronics screwdriver to fix a specific device be sure it isn’t secured by pentalobe screws instead (five-point shape). This set can save you money and time away from your electronic devices by allowing you to do simple repairs and modifications at home. You’ll get a pouch of eight different screwdrivers with steel blades to help you add RAM to your laptop, tighten folding knives, or adjust the brakes on your bicycle without stripping out existing screws.

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You might need a magnifying glass to even see the screw on the back of a delicate watch casing—let alone open it. This screwdriver set works with jewelry and eyeglasses to help you manipulate tiny parts, and has a black oxide finish to resist reflecting a glare when magnified. This kit comes with three Phillips-head screwdrivers and three slotted screwdrivers, to provide quality blades and grips you can hang onto for precise movements in miniature.