If you’ve ever had to submit official paperwork in a hurry, then you probably know that fax machines are still alive and well in business and government settings today. In most cases, fax remains a widely-accepted way to transmit legally valid copies of documents and contracts between companies and individuals and at places like the DMV, notaries, clerk’s offices, and more. If you work in a setting that pushes lots of paper, or simply want the ability to send a fax at your leisure without scheduling an outing to the print shop, consider keeping a fax machine on hand to get your documents in the right hands quickly and securely.

Here are some of our favorite fax machines currently available.

Prints the first sheet in a mere eight seconds. Amazon

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Canon’s Faxphone L100 is an easy-to-use fax machine that requires minimal set-up time to get started and offers a snappy print rate of 19 sheets per minute. It can store a whopping 512 sheets in its memory, giving it the ability to handle even the largest document transmissions and even remember them if you run out of paper, and the included toner cartridge can put out roughly 2,000 sheets before needing replacement. The tray holds 150 sheets at a time, and up to 30 can be automatically fed through the unit.

Schedule outgoing pages and save incoming ones straight to your disk. Amazon

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Offices and homes with limited space or people going paperless will love the CimFax for its crossover into the digital realm. The unit is shipped with integrated software that allows control of faxes on both Mac and Windows systems, where users can send documents, PDFs, and spreadsheets to other fax machines or directly to email. The most outstanding part of the system is that because it’s digital, you can manage and review all your faxes at any time directly from the software interface.

Wireless capability for printing straight from your phone. Amazon

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If you’re in the market for a printer, scanner, or copier, this unit can do it all plus send and receive faxes too. This Lexmark unit runs on toner cartridges, which spares heavy users from constantly restocking on ink, and because it’s an all-in-one unit, users save big on space that can be used for other things. It prints at 26 pages per minute and offers double-sided printing, making it not only a great fax machine but a robust and effective competitor to any traditional copier or printer.

Caller ID built in. Amazon

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If you want fax capability on a budget, look no further than this compact machine from Panasonic. It’s perfect for small offices, garages, and auxiliary spaces, and it prints using a thermal transfer system that’s good for long-term use and storage since it doesn’t dry out like ink. The tray holds 20 sheets at a time and the memory can hold up to 24 pages of incoming transmission if you temporarily run out of paper. On top of all that, it even makes copies.