The best gear for protecting your ears

Make as much noise as you want. Don’t lose your hearing in the process.

saw with ear protective headphones in front
Can you hear me now? No? Good.cetteup via Unsplash

Anyone who works with power tools knows hearing protection is an integral part of the game. Don’t protect your ears, and you can plan on spending your later years shouting over the dinner table. But what protection is best for you varies. Do you want to listen to music while you’re working? Do you need ear protection for a concert or for a child? Whatever your situation, there’s a solution available for purchase.

3M WorkTunes Connect + AM/FM Hearing Protection
Listen to a podcast while you work.Amazon

These headphones might look like they have it all, because they do. They have a noise reduction rating of 24 dB. They also let you stream music, podcasts, or whatever you listen to directly from your phone to your ears. Most intriguingly, they will let you make and take phone calls with an integrated microphone.

Loop Earplugs for Noise Reduction
Save your sanity.Amazon

Want to hear what’s going on, but just not quite so loud? These are a great option. The loops aren’t obvious in your ears, and they block dangerous volume levels from damaging your ears. They’re made to reduce noise by 20 decibels, making them a perfect fit for concerts, sleeping, sporting events, or anywhere else you want to be aware but don’t want to hurt your ears.

HEAROS Ultimate Softness Foam Earplugs
Go with the classic.Amazon

Sometimes you don’t need anything fancy. Sometimes you just need a basic pair of foam ear plugs to keep your ears safe. When that day comes, these are the best option. They protect your ears to 32 dB and are silky smooth. They’re easy to insert, and best of all, you get 100 pairs, which means you can keep a few extra in case your buddies forget theirs.

Baby Banz Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protection
Take that tyke with you.Amazon

Bringing kids along hunting and to musical events is more and more common. But infants have sensitive ears and should not be exposed to loud noises. Instead of leaving your little at home, just bring these baby ear muffs along. They have a noise reduction rating of 28 dB and are light and durable. They’re also easily adjustable to fit your infant when he or she is no longer an infant.