Functional aprons that protect your clothes and look professional

No frills, just effective clothing protection.

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Things can get messy fast in the kitchen. Save yourself from oil-stained shirts and chicken juice on your everyday jeans by using an apron. Not only do they protect you from getting messy, but they’re often equipped with pockets to store cooking essentials like your phone, a recipe card, a thermometer, or a timer. If nothing else, putting on an apron can get you into that cooking frame of mind.

Budget-friendly: Syntus Cotton Adjustable Bib Apron

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Grab a two-pack of these adjustable, water-resistant aprons with pockets for the price of one apron. These are made out of machine-washable, wrinkle-resistant polyester and come with two pockets for holding your phone or other essentials during cooking, and spans from chest to knee. These aprons come in black, red, purple, stripes, and other colors—and if the material isn’t to your liking, you can grab a set in cotton or thicker polyester for a couple bucks more.

Best pockets: AOBBYBBS Soft Cotton Linen Apron

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This cotton-linen blend Japanese-style apron is minimal and cute, with an X-shaped criss-cross closing in the back. It’s 31 inches long and comes in natural, earthy tones. The apron has pockets on each side and includes a fabric bag you can use to lengthen the straps or stitch on a new pocket.

Most durable: VWELL Rubber Vinyl Waterproof Apron

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For an intense waterproof apron, great if you’re spending ages on washing dishes, or doing messy outdoor work, grab this vinyl option. It’s 41.5 inches long and boasts removable neck strap pads for comfort no matter how long you’re working. Great if you want heavy-duty protection, or a kitchen apron that works just as well when you’re painting or washing the dog.

For serious cooks: Hudson Durable Goods – Professional Grade Chef Apron

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If you want a clothing cover that lasts, spend a little more on this durable apron. It’s made to hold up through repeated washings, with heavyweight cotton, double-stitched pockets, gun-metal grommets, and thick hems. The apron has four pockets and a towel loop on the right hip. It’s adjustable to accommodate many genders and sizes, and it comes in great looking shades like classic black, denim, or burgundy.


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