It’s remarkable that the art of composting has advanced so significantly; there are so many attractive bins and food recyclers on the market, it can be tough to choose. Even if you’re limited in space, lots of machines are small enough to fit inside cabinets, under sinks, or on top of countertops—yes, even in your condo or apartment. Getting into composting is an immediate way to dramatically reduce your environmental footprint and live more sustainably. Plus, nobody likes fruit flies or a smelly kitchen, so what are you waiting for? Below are some of the most effective and endorsed machines on the market.

This at-home recycling device is perfect for gardeners. Amazon

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You might be surprised that such a compact machine could turn your food into fresh soil in only hours, but Vitamix always comes through. The FoodCycler can hold a substantial amount of food, even crush chicken bones and eggshells, and dramatically cut down the volume of your food waste. It includes a removable waste bucket that’s super easy to clean, as well as two carbon filters that you can replace when needed. Your plants will wish they could thank you, and you’ll be pleased without the odor of food scraps or the hassle of a trip to drop them off.

This machine can grind and dehydrate practically anything. Amazon

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Skip the landfill, and turn your produce waste into compost at home without any additional steps such as venting, draining, or adding water or chemicals. This composter can fit conveniently under your sink. After several uses, you’ll start to learn which mix of waste items give you the best results, but you’ll get the hang of this easy, fast process almost instantly.

This scrap holder comes in multiple colors and sizes to fit any kitchen. Amazon

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This bin keeps it simple, with size options including 0.75 or 1.75 gallon, and a sleek design that’s nice enough for counter storage. The stay-open, razor-thin lid makes replacing bags or tossing scraps extra practical, and you can also remove the lid to dump the bin’s contents without making a mess. It’s an especially great option for people living in multi-unit homes who want to repel insects and reduce odors.

This thoughtfully designed composter proves that being eco-friendly doesn’t create a blight in your kitchen. Amazon

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This bin’s ceramic exterior looks chic and encases a removable inner bin with a stainless steel handle that you can fill, dump, and easily rinse between uses. It has a charming sprout handle and a lid with holes that supports ventilation, so scraps break down naturally over time. The interior charcoal filter also absorbs undesirable smells, leaving you satisfied while cooking and plotting your DIY soil.