Do you want to use fashion to signal your personal or professional interest in all things science without giving the impression that Albert Einstein was in a punk band? (You know the photo we’re talking about. Yes, that one.) Don’t worry, it’s not just possible, it’s provable. Here are some tasteful and (mostly) understated accessories to help you get the message across—and look even smarter in your button-down and dress shoes.

Wild Ties Atomic Nucleus Physics Butterfly Self Tie Bow Tie

Look great under the microscope. Amazon

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This attractive atom-patterned bow tie is made of microfiber and features pops of bright yellow and teal against a navy blue background. Sadly, a degree in astrophysics does not teach you how to fashion this cloth into its signature shape, but a little research is worth it—this is the real deal, not some glued or stitched facsimile.

Zmart Math Socks

An equation for every occasion. Amazon

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If you’re already trying to puzzle out whether the math design features actual equations, these cotton and polyester socks are clearly meant for you. Soft, stretchy, and breathable, this black-and-white pair makes a fun addition to any outfit.

Socks n Socks Mens Science Dress Socks

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This assortment of cotton socks is made with nylon and spandex for a comfortable fit and pays homage to astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, and math. They’re already folded into a nice box and are a unique gift idea for college students or white elephant exchanges.

CP Lab Safety Periodic Table of the Elements Necktie

This one’s a little flashy. Amazon

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The bright colors of this polyester tie certainly make a statement. But since most people had to study the elements in school, it’s also a conversation starter that allows you to talk about why this famous chart is so important in chemistry. You may just find that this tie appears in your wardrobe in regular intervals.

Wild Ties Caffeine Molecule Navy Blue Microfiber Tie

A tribute to your favorite chemical compound. Amazon

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Be sure to put on this paean to caffeine after you have your morning brew, in case staring at a molecular diagram of the popular energy boost when you haven’t had any might make you cranky. At 58 inches long, this navy blue microfiber design is a classic size and works well with a gray blazer.