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If there’s one thing ENTs want you to do about your ears, it’s that you stop fussing with them completely. It’s understandable that you want to poke inside given that there’s earwax buildup, but you should understand that the fact that you even have earwax means that you have healthy ears. They have antibacterial properties, working to keep your ears clean and healthy.

But there are also times where there’s simply too much earbud buildup, causing you to feel tempted to go ahead and take matters into your own hands. In that case, don’t go in there blindly. It’s better to have something like the Smart Visual Ear Cleaner in tow, which gives you a full and clear view of what’s inside your ear as you clean.

This bundle comes with an ear cleaner, a USB cable, and 6 ear spoons, making for the ultimate ear cleaning kit. The built-in camera provides a full and clear HD view of your ear canal, while the silicone ear spoons deliver a comfortable wax-removing experience for adults and kids alike, leaving you with no scratch hurts at all.

Rated 4.5/5 stars by verified purchasers, this cleaner has a 360 mAh battery capacity that lasts up to 1.5 hours on a single charger, equating to 45 days of daily use. It also features an IP7 waterproof rating, meaning it’s easy to clean with water or wipe with alcohol. What’s more, it’s completely versatile, so you can also use it for checking your teeth, nasal cavity, throat, scalp roots, and other parts of your body you want to do a close inspection on. And since it’s lightweight and compact, you can bring it anywhere.

The Smart Visual Ear Cleaner typically retails for $34, but for a limited time, you can grab it on sale for only $29.95. That’s a savings of 14 percent.

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