Uranus is a grizzly bear: Understanding planet mass using animals

Aww, Mercury is a kitten.
planet names alongside images of a cat, human, dog, rat, squirrel, giraffes, elephant, bear, and horse
You can understand the real scale of planets by comparing their relative sizes to animals on Earth. Popular Science

The vastness of space can make trying to understand the relative mass of celestial bodies brain boggling. Sure, you know the sun dwarfs the planets orbiting it, but how much more mass does the hot ball of hydrogen and helium at the center of our solar system actually have? If that question had you scratching your head trying to visualize something, take a breath and watch our latest video, Planets as Animals.

By mass, if Venus is a 6-year-old human child, then Earth is a Labrador dog (and a very good boy) and Uranus is a grizzly bear. Using 360-degree 3D animation, we help your brain comprehend the real scale of the planets in our solar system using animals.

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