Watch us try to make ‘Butler in a Box’ work like it’s 1983

Time has not been kind to this Siri and Alexa predecessor.
a black box with the word "hello" in green letters sits on a table next to a lamp
Popular Science

Siri. Alexa. Google Assistant. Butler in a Box? Hold up. While you might not recognize Butler in a Box by its name, you will recognize its function: a voice-activated virtual assistant. Or so it claimed to be. 

Billed as the “World’s first artificial intelligent environmental control system for the home,” the Mastervoice Butler in a Box was first introduced in 1983. In the March 1987 issue of Popular Science, writer Jim Schefter tested the device with its big futuristic promises and hours-long setup time. The gadget claimed to be able to call 16 different people, provide home security, understand four different languages, and turn on electronics using voice commands–all for a steep price tag of $1,495 (or about $4,100 in today’s money). 

By 2024, Butler in a Box wasn’t even a footnote on the Wikipedia pages of its modern successors. But why? Why did we wipe the Butler in a Box from our memories? 

Popular Science’s Kevin Lieber set out to unravel the lofty aspirations and complex history of the gadget. The first step: Acquire a Butler in a Box on eBay. That part was surprisingly easy. Trying to actually use it proved a bit more…challenging

Watch Kevin try to make sense of the 134-page owner’s guide with a goal of getting the Butler in a Box to do a seemingly simple task: turn on a lamp using a voice command. We won’t spoil the ending, but the journey is worth it.

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