11 Unbelievable Microscopic Images From Nikon's 2012 Small World Competition

Every year, Nikon's Small World contest rounds up the best in microscopic images, taken by scientists and artists alike. Here are our 11 favorites from this year.

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This year's entries in the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition, like past years', include abstract looks at the tiny world around us. This year we have more than a few shots of the odd-looking fruit fly and an unexpectedly colorful image of garlic. Click through the gallery to see them, and look for the winners on Tuesday, October 23.


Photographer: Geir Drange From: Borgen, Norway Magnification: 2.5xGeir Drange/Nikon Small World

Celosia (Woolflower)

Photographer: Christina Zimmerman From: Merritt College. Oakland, California, USA Magnification: 4xChristina Zimmerman/Nikon Small World


Photographer: Dr. Somayeh Naghiloo From: University of Tabriz , Department of Plant Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences. Tabriz, IranDr. Somayeh Naghiloo/Nikon Small World

Butterfly Eggs On Mistletoe

Photographer: David Millard From: Austin, Texas, USA Magnification: 6xDavid Millard/Nikon Small World

House Spider

Photographer: Harold Taylor From: Kensworth, Dunstable, United Kingdom Magnification: 30xHarold Taylor/Nikon Small World

Blood-Brain Barrier Of A Zebra Fish Embryo

Photographers: Dr. Jennifer Peters and Dr. Michael Taylor From: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Memphis, Tennessee Magnified 20xDr. Jennifer Peters and Dr. Michael Taylor/Nikon Small World

Drosophila Larva Gut

Photographer: Jessica Von Stetina From: Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research. Cambridge, Massachusetts Magnification: 25xJessica Von Stetina/Nikon Small World

Fruit Fly Larvae

Photographer: Dr. Andrew Woolley From: Purdue University. West Lafayette, IndianaDr. Andrew Woolley/Nikon Small World

The Mineral Cacoxenite

Photographer: Honorio Cócera From: University of Valencia. Valencia, Spain Magnification: 18xHonorio Cócera/Nikon Small World

Embryonic Mouse Limb

Photographer : A. Kelsey Lewis From: University of Utah, Department of Human Genetics. Salt Lake City, Utah Magnification: 10xA. Kelsey Lewis/Nikon Small World

Fruit Fly Retina

Photographer: Dr. W. Ryan Williamson From: Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). Ashburn, VirginiaDr. W. Ryan Williamson/Nikon Small World