This Week in the Future, March 21-25, 2011

On a dark, stormy night, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest (judging by the foliage), the man in the moon finally underwent his long-awaited full-face transplant, which was performed with an iPad. During a robot goose migration. At least, that’s the message I’m getting from this week’s Baarbarian creation, a creation you have a chance to wear proudly as a t-shirt–if you win our Friday contest.

The rules: Follow us on Twitter (we’re @PopSci , funnily enough) and retweet our This Week in the Future tweet. One of those lucky retweeters will be chosen to receive a custom t-shirt with this week’s Baarbarian illustration on it, thus making the winner entirely too cool for their school, or place of business, or couch. (Those who would rather just buy the t-shirt can do that here.) The stories pictured therein:

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