The Greatest “Space Craft” Designs From NASA And Etsy’s Joint Contest

As the space shuttle program winds down, DIYers and tinkerers are commemorating the occasion with their own creations. To inspire … Continued

As the space shuttle program winds down, DIYers and tinkerers are commemorating the occasion with their own creations. To inspire the 5.8 million users of Etsy, an e-commerce site focused on homemade goods and original art, NASA hosted a “Space Craft” contest.

The contest aimed to inform Etsy users — the majority of whom are women around age 35 — that it’s not all over after the shuttle. NASA’s future exploration plans could provide inspiration for all kinds of arts and crafts — black hole quilts, solar system rings, and more.

Click to see a gallery of Space Craft winners and highlights.

Contestants entered creations in two-dimensional original art, reproductions of original pieces, and three-dimensional art. The 2-D pieces included paintings, drawings and mixed media; the 3-D category ranged from wearable art like a space shuttle hat to furniture and sculptures.

A panel of judges, including a PopSci editor, handed down their verdicts in a ceremony on Friday. The grand prize went to a round table inlaid with a star field — press on the north star, and a secret drawer pops open.

There were plenty of other terrific entries — and some perhaps not-so-terrific, but that’s the nature of Etsy. Check out our gallery of the winners and some other memorable entries.

2D Original Winner

Rachel Berry Hobson‘s High Texture Hand Embroidery of the Moon won in the 2-Dimensional Original Art category.

2D Reproduction Winner

Nikkita Karsan Bhakta won the 2-Dimensional Reproduction category with Universal Thoughts. Using india ink and water, she created these celestial images.

3D Original Winner

Patrick Burt won the 3-Dimensional Original category with his creation, Brother Sun, Sister Moon – a titanium ring embedded with tiny diamonds, gold and silver pieces that represent different bodies in our solar system.

Grand Prize Winner

Best In Show went to Colleen and Eric Whitely for their Northstar Table. The pièce de résistance? The drawer of the table pops open when you press the North Star.

Black Hole Quilt

The Black Hole quilt was a finalist in the 3-D art category. Quilter Kristen Bronson made it using black cotton and bleach. On her blog, she says she has always been fascinated by the idea of wormholes and the wonder of space.

Sleepy Shuttle and Happy Hubble

Also a finalist in the 3-D art category, this space shuttle hat is already sold. It’s made of polyester fleece and stuffed with polyfill. A happy Hubble Space Telescope emerges from the shuttle bay, attached to a plush robotic arm.

Shuttle Necklace

Despite the contest’s broad scope, space shuttle-themed items were fairly common. This elegant pendant was a finalist in the 3-D category (it already sold). It’s real origami, folded from a single piece of .999 fine silver with no cuts. It was kiln fired and polished before being attached to a ball for threading on a necklace.

Stars, Stripes and Space

In tribute to NASA’s 53 years of space exploration, Etsy user Senioritis created this 11×17 patriotic art print featuring the silhouette of Buzz Aldrin on a field of red, white and yellow stars. It was a finalist in the 2-D reproductions category.