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Before you give up and buy dad another “collector’s edition” book about The Rolling Stones, explore the options for thoughtful presents for Father’s Day 2021. More than just “World’s Best Dad” mugs, these personalized Father’s Day gifts for dads can highlight family memories, show off your dad’s accomplishments, or just add the perfect punchline to a long-running family joke.

How to find the best, personalized Father’s Day gifts

We all know dads can be difficult to shop for, especially if they don’t like the typical dad stuff: fishing, grilling, golfing, and yelling at you to hold the flashlight steady. But with a little pre-planning, you can get something that will last more than a few hours. Personalized Father’s Day gifts may take a bit longer to make and ship, so those searching for last-minute gifts may need to delay the celebration for a few days. 

These unique gifts for dad can also be the best Father’s Day gift for grandpas or anyone else on your list. For new dads, old dads, serious dads, or funny dads, here are the personalized Father’s Day gifts sure to earn you a nod of approval that’s worth more than a thousand hugs.

Unique gifts for dads who love sports: Amazon’s Customized Football Jersey

Just Customized


Jerseys are always a good Father’s Day gift, but if you go for a replica jersey of a real athlete, you’re jinxing yourself. For that reason, the best personalized sportswear for Father’s Day is Amazon’s Customized Football Jersey with his name and number on it. Amazon makes it easy to create a jersey that feels and looks good. The 100-percent polyester-mesh fabric is easy to clean and dries quickly. Your dad will feel like a team player if he’s playing touch football in the backyard or falling asleep in his favorite chair at 2 p.m. on a Sunday.

Best gifts for arty dads: Artblox Soundwave Art



If you’re looking for truly unique Father’s Day gifts for him, give dad a song he can see. Artblox SoundWave Art takes any song or audio file and captures it in beautiful acrylic with dazzling colors. The sound file is converted to a sculpture with custom colors with one of these personalized Father’s Day gifts. A QR code on the block lets anyone with a smartphone scan and listen to the sound file. The sculpture weighs a single pound but looks like heavy glass, making it perfect for any room of the house. Give your dad his favorite song in a whole new way. Who knew Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” could be so pretty? 

Best gift ideas for whiskey drinkers: Custom Whiskey Glass from Spotted Dog Company

Spotted Dog Company


The best Father’s Day gifts for dad can also be practical. While an elegant custom whiskey glass may seem more like an untouchable objet d’art, the Spotted Dog Company’s booze goblet is meant to be used. This whiskey glass feels great in your hand, with a hefty weight to remind you this isn’t a shot glass or a cheap souvenir. This personalized Father’s Day gift for whiskey drinkers can hold 11 ounces of your dad’s favorite brand, and the laser etching is crisp and complete. And if your dad isn’t a whiskey drinker, he can fill the glass with White Claw seltzer or Strawberry Yoohoo and we won’t call the mixology cops.

Personalized Father’s Day gifts for nostalgic dads: Homesick Scented Candle, Pennsylvania



A thoughtful present can send your dad back in time. This is one of the best personalized Father’s Day gifts for grandpa, too. Homesick Scented Candles come in a wide variety of localized odors, from sea to shining sea. For instance, the Pennsylvania candle has hints of chocolate mixed with molasses and vanilla. (Cheesesteak smell not included.) If your dad grew up in another state, or you want to give him a little whiff of your current city, these candles are a fun and warm way to share memories.

Fun gifts for dads who travel: Push-Pin Travel Maps

Push Pin Travel Maps


Maps always make fun Father’s Day gifts for him, but this executive push-pin travel map has the touch of class and sense of adventure that all dads crave. The framed map in this personalized Father’s Day gift measures 39.5 inches wide by 27.5 inches high and comes with 100 push pins to show where dad has been (or where he wants to go). The maps are handmade in the United States and arrive mounted and framed, with several frame colors to choose from. Plus, a personalized plaque gives the map a unique title, such as “Dad’s Discoveries” or “Places Dad Wore Socks with Sandals.”

Father’s Day gifts for dads who love the ‘80s: Custom 25-inch LED Neon Signs



Neon signs could be the perfect Father’s Day gift for dad, if you don’t mind upsetting your poor mother who will no doubt hate the wonderfully tacky piece of home decor. A bright, gaudy neon sign is one of those personalized Father’s Day gifts that gets noticed. The sign is customizable, and prices will vary based on size and number of characters. The bright neon LED lights are easy to mount and the optional remote control offers 10 levels of dimming power and eight effects to get just the right groan from the neighbors.

Best gifts for shutterbugs: PhotoShare Friends and Family 8-inch Smart Frame Digital Photo Frame

SimplySmart Home


The market is crowded with wooden Father’s Day picture frames etched with names and inspirational quotes. Yawn. Instead, give your dad a digital frame that showcases any images you and your family want to share. Send photos of babies, of your travels, or of that bathtub faucet you and your dad successfully fixed yourselves. Within minutes you’ll be sharing photos from anywhere in the world with one of these personalized Father’s Day gifts. But be warned, it will result in follow-up phone calls from your dad, who, after seeing every photo, will say, “I don’t get it? What is that? What am I looking at?”

Unique gifts for dads who write: All-Metal Brushed-Black Stainless Steel Fountain Pen



An easy Father’s Day gift for him is a pen. It’s the go-to present when you need a last-minute Father’s Day gift and he already has a shaving kit. But instead of getting your dad a ballpoint pen, go old-school with the elegance of an engraved fountain pen. The tactile scratchy-scratch of the nib making contact with paper is the most satisfying way to write this side of a mechanical keyboard, making it one of the best personalized Father’s Day gifts for writers. A simple engraving gives this badass fountain a personal touch and prevents anyone else from “borrowing” the pen for too long. If your dad is crafting pointed letters to politicians, enemies, or kings, a stainless-steel fountain pen is the weapon of choice. 

Personalized gifts for tool lovers: Personalized Custom Hammer and Gift Box



Any tool can make for a great last-minute Father’s Day gift, but with the personal touch of wood engraving, the ordinary becomes the, “Well, would you look at that!” This personalized hammer has two things going for it that make it one of the best personalized Father’s Day gifts for tool lovers: crisp engraving and a nice gift box. Made with stainless steel and a wooden handle, this is really more of a showpiece than a thwacker. The engraving can be up to 50 characters long. That’s long enough for “Happy Father’s Day, Dad” or “Aren’t You Glad We Didn’t Use an MC Hammer Pun?!”

Cool gifts for DIY dads: ORTUR Laser Master 2 CNC Laser Engraver



No one wants to spend $10,000 on a Father’s Day gift. Luckily, laser cutters have dropped in price and increased in usability. Consumer grade and hobby CNC engravers like the ORTUR are great introductory laser cutters that are easily set up in a garage or workshop. This model is under $400 and has enough basic functions to make it well worth the money. Within minutes, DIY dads will be cutting wood, glass, plastic, ceramic tile, and some metals. Give dad one of the personalized gifts for Father’s Day by granting him the power to personalize just about anything!

The final word about choosing personalized Father’s Day gifts

It’s never easy buying gifts for dads and granddads, but you can find memorable personalized Father’s Day gifts. From maps that chronicle his adventures to acrylic sculptures, it’s never been easier to get dad some one-of-a-kind art or functional gifts. Whenever dad picks up his Father’s Day 2021 gifts, he’ll be reminded that you care, and hopefully, he’ll forget that time in high school you did that thing to his car. Happy Father’s Day!

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