Audio Technica ATH-M50x
Audio Technica. Amazon

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ATH-M50x headphones

Audio Technica Amazon

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These ATH-M50x Audio Technica headphones are intensely good, and for 21 percent off they’re not priced out of a casual listener’s budget. The studio quality, over-ear monitor phones are great for mixing engineers or producers, but also for everyday audiophiles that don’t want the bass or low-tones in the mix boosted. The wired headphones come with a Bluetooth adapter, too. Right now, you can get them for 21 percent off—now just $135.

Blueooth speaker

Photive Hydra Amazon

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If you didn’t have a chance to read our waterproof gadget explainer, it’s worth a read. If you’re looking for a speaker to join you by the pool, this Photive Hydra Bluetooth speaker—that’s 71 percent off—will do the trick. It’s only rated IP66, so it’s more water-resistant and “rugged” than it is waterproof, so I wouldn’t dunk this bad boy in a pool. It’s got an eight-hour battery life, two loud 40mm drivers, and is only $23.

Wireless phone system

AT&T Amazon

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Not everyone feels compelled to ditch their landlines. For those who prefer to maintain a home number, don’t forget to replace your old phones when their batteries start dying. If you’re in the market for a new wireless phone system, this AT&T three-phone set is on sale for 40 percent off. They include caller ID, a light-up LCD screen, and backlit keys so the phones are easy to see in the dark. Get it today for $39.

RFID wallet

Estalon Amazon

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If you’re worried about your data being stolen from your wallet, try an RFID blocking wallet. Some credit cards and IDs come with radio frequency chips in them that can be “skimmed,” allowing someone to duplicate the information on those cards. With an RFID wallet, those devices are blocked. Today, you can get one on Amazon for super cheap. Save 65 percent on a leather wallet from Estalon that has six credit card slots, one ID slot, and two slip compartments behind the credit card areas. Get one today for $10.

To-go containers

Enther Amazon

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For a less fancy version of the bento box from my must-have picnic gear list, these Enther to-go meal containers are currently 52 percent off—now less than $13 for 20 boxes. They are stackable and microwavable.

Red, white, and blue products

It’s an Independence Day sale. Monoprice

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Monoprice intrigued me with its colorful Independence Day sale. If you’re looking to save up to 25 percent on red, white, or blue water bottles, USB cables, LED lights, and guitars, head right this way.

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