Toast is the blue collar stalwart of breakfast. Not fancy, just simple and reliable and always there. For decades it’s been content to just complement your morning meal without putting on airs. It’ll just be waiting over here, on the side of the plate, ready to mop up some egg yolk or hash browns.

But there is so much untapped potential in toast. It’s a little square canvas on which you can burn (literally) anything you like, from portraits to logos to love notes. Thanks to these novelty toasters, you can finally give toast its time in the spotlight.

You don’t know the power of the dark setting… Amazon

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A toaster in the shape of A Stormtrooper’s iconic helmet would be a selling point all on its own, but throw in its ability to char a perfect Star Wars logo in that instantly recognizable font and you’ve got a must-have for any and all George Lucas devotees. Good for bread, waffles, English muffins, and toaster pastries—just prepare yourself for the sight of the ultimate symbol of galactic evil with two Pop-Tarts jutting out of his skull.

Brighten your day as you darken your toast. Amazon

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This 2-slot device toasts your favorite PBS paint instructor right on your bread. There’s nothing more picturesque than a beautifully browned piece of toast.

For those who really love their grilled cheese. Amazon

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Another variation on the novelty toaster idea, this one doesn’t opt for logos or designs so much as a narrowly focused area of expertise: The Grilled Cheese. Resembling a cross between a toaster and a fast-food deep fryer, this bright yellow attention-grabber guarantees perfect grilled cheese sandwiches every time. Easy to clean toasting baskets and adjustable settings ensure optimum meltage.

I am vengeance. I am the night. I am delicious. Amazon

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There are simply some superhero logos that transcend comic book fandom and have become so ingrained in culture that they stand on their own. Batman’s iconic bat symbol is the pinnacle of such a logo, so burning it into a piece of toast just seems right, somehow. It’s a logo that is immune to fad and won’t ever become passé. If you have to commit to one hero’s mark for the long haul, you can’t do much better than Gotham’s finest.