Company Wants to Carve Ads On The Moon, Supervillain-Style

Last week, a fly-by of the moon showed impressions remaining on the surface from the Apollo 11 landing. That was 40 years ago, and those impressions linger on undisturbed. It’s that longevity that one company wants to exploit, carving messages into the surface in the moon for the purpose of selling ad space.

The company seems serious enough, and even released a fancy 3D animation of a little robot digging trenches and defiling our precious moon.

Sure, it’s the world’s largest billboard, but the idea of writing on the moon sounds like cartoonish supervillainy. It also raises the question: Are soulless multinational corporations really soulless enough buy ad space on the moon? Who knows how serious this company is, or if it’s a simple cash grab, but if they succeed, those ads could be there for a long time. At least until we can send a mission up to tamp out the message. By that time the product the ad is plugging may have gone the way of Pan Am or Crystal Pepsi.

[via Gizmodo]