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A year ago, we were struck by three things about the modernization of the Chinese military: the incredibly rapid growth in its new capabilities and technology, as it moved into a new phase of pushing its own research and development, the wealth of pictures and other information floating around the Internet that could document what previously would’ve have been secret, and the lack of conversation about this amazing development that has such huge implications for fields ranging from geopolitics to science.

So we decided to run an experiment, to explore whether we could unearth breaking and significant advances in Chinese military technology and operations, but solely from open source information, and bring them to a global audience.

Over the last year, these were some of the numbers that resulted from this experiment we know as Eastern Arsenal:

Total Number of articles: 90

Number of pictures: 339

Most popular topic area: Robots and Drones (15 articles in total)

Total number of articles about military monkeys: 1

Total reader views: 1,356,821

Percentage of Readers from the U.S.: 55%

Largest foreign readership: Canada

Smallest Readership: Saint Kitts and Nevis -81 Jersey -78 Haiti -73 Palestinian Territories -68 Djibouti 67

In upcoming year, we look forward to covering future topics that will range from new military jets and China’s space program to technologies not yet known. Peter will also have a book out ( that will look at how these new technologies might be used in an actual war.

It is an exciting time ahead, but we wanted to make sure to express our gratitude to you for joining us on the journey so far. Thank you to Popular Science for hosting us and to you for reading Eastern Arsenal!

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