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Puzzles are an age-old medium for putting one’s intellect to the test, and they have been for quite some time. Beyond the intellectual stimulation that puzzles provide, sitting down and trying to solve one can also offer an opportunity to support one’s own well-being

If you or the people you love enjoy puzzles, then look no further than this early Black Friday release of The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle, which you can get at a discounted rate. It is also available in a 2-pack and a 4-pack, making this puzzle an affordable holiday gift option that you can purchase for multiple people at once. The maximum prize for a winner is $1 million, and only two of all the sold puzzles will have $1 million prizes.

Purchasers of the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle have to purchase and complete the 500-piece puzzle. Once completed, the finished product will be a QR code that can be scanned to see if you have won or not. All completed puzzles will win a prize between $1 and $1 million. 

Verified customers found the puzzle to be challenging but rewarding, with one user saying, “This puzzle was one of the most difficult puzzles I’ve ever done and so addicting! Lots of opportunities to put wrong pieces in as so many fit together, I had a blast!” Another verified customer enjoyed the prospect of being able to win big after completing the challenging puzzle, stating, “It’s going to take a while since it’s all done without guidance, but it would be kinda hard to give it away! Will be fun to see how long and how much we win!”

Right now you can purchase the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle for $24.99, that’s a 16 percent markdown from its MSRP of $30. You can purchase the 2-Pack for $49.99; that’s a 16 percent markdown from its MSRP of $60. And you can purchase the 4-Pack of the puzzle for $99.99, that’s a 16 percent markdown from its MSRP of $120. The most money any one winner can win is $1 million, so be sure to read the fine print.

Prices subject to change.