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Puzzles are a great opportunity to challenge your brain, work with other people, and just have some good old-fashioned fun. But what if you could also potentially make money by completing a puzzle? Now that would certainly make things more interesting! Well, you are in luck because right now you can get The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle for just $30, or a ten-pack for just $99.99, as a part of our National Puzzle Day promotion.

Puzzles can be challenging, fun, and they can also potentially offer some health benefits. With The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle, you get all of those benefits, with the added chance to win some serious money. All you have to do is purchase and complete the jigsaw puzzle, scan the completed puzzle (which is a QR code), and see what you’ve won. The best part is that everybody walks away a winner—with prizes ranging from $1 to $1 million. It is important to note, though, the most that you can win is $1 million, not $2 million. The $2 million name refers to the fact that only two of all the puzzles will win $1 million.

The fun, competition, and potential prize money makes The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle an all-around hit. One verified purchaser loves it for the camaraderie, saying, “Amazing puzzle…..everyone is excited to complete it to see if they have won! Great family fun, and team building!” Another verified purchaser found the potential money incentive to add an element of flair, stating, “Fun, challenging, and the added bonus of winning money kept us motivated to keep going!”

Right now you can treat your brain to a workout (and possibly make some money) with The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle for just $30. Or you can up your chances of winning by getting a 10-pack for just $99.99, marked down from $300. No coupon code is needed—just be sure to hurry, because this deal will only be running from Jan. 29-Feb. 5 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

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