You can save $60 on the best Android smartwatch at Amazon

Take advantage of limited-time savings on Samsung's svelte Galaxy Watch 5 and collect more metrics for less money.
SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5 40mm
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There aren’t many smartwatches that can stand toe-to-toe with the Apple Watch, but Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 is one of those exceptions. The sleek-looking digital timepiece can also display notifications and continuously record key health metrics without intervention, bringing the kind of integration that iOS users are used to over to the Android ecosystem. The best part is that you can snag this smartwatch for $219—its lowest price ever—if you shop at Amazon right now.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5 (40mm), $219 (Was $279.99)

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One of the Galaxy Watch 5’s greatest strengths is that it doesn’t look like a piece of tech at first glance. Watches are fashion accessories regardless of functionality, and subtlety works in Samsung’s favor. This smartwatch’s 1.2-inch color display is large enough that you should be able to easily read text without feeling like you’re carrying a boat on your wrist. The screen is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, so it shouldn’t chip if you accidentally bump your wrist against a desk or dumbbell. You can change its watch faces and bands to suit your mood or the occasion, too.

Aesthetics are important, but the Galaxy Watch 5’s tech features help it stand out the most. Samsung says its sensors can analyze your sleep and recommend changes to help you get more rest. Additional sensors can track your heart rate, BMI, body water level, basal metabolic rate, blood pressure, and more. If you’re exercising, the Galaxy Watch 5 can automatically assess how you’re working out and accurately track how many calories you’ve burned based on the activity.

If you’re trying to improve your health or want to know what time it is without pulling out your phone, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 is an excellent option at this price. Just be mindful that it can only be paired with Android devices, which means it’s incompatible with the iPhone.

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