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The wearable tech industry is colossal, valued at an astounding $61.30 billion in 2022. It’s reported to grow 14.6% annually until 2030, so you can expect more smartwatches, fitness trackers, head gears, smart rings, and other wearables to dominate the market in the coming years. The most popular wearables are those capable of monitoring more than just your steps and calories, but as with all things, your choice of device still largely hinges on your goals.

If your immediate goal is to achieve better sleep, the Embr Wave 2 Rechargeable Thermal Wristband has been clinically proven to help reduce anxiety and deliver relief from hot flashes. Now through Feb. 23, you can grab a refurbished unit on sale for $169.99—no coupon needed.

This wristband is engineered with thermal technology, making it capable of either cooling or warming your body to give you comfort any time you need it. A single touch of a button is all it takes to implement waves of coolness or warmth, but there are also selectable modes if you connect the wristband to the app. With the accompanying app, you can also get full wellness insights, so you can gain a better understanding of how you’re doing.

Embr Wave 2 is designed to aid people experiencing symptoms of menopause, with user Loretta S. confirming that the device indeed “helps with hot flashes or cold sweats.” Wear it on the inside of your wrist, and with the side placement of buttons and lights, getting relief can be as discreet as you wish.

The wristband is fully adjustable and comfortably fits most wrist sizes, and it’s also water-resistant to withstand any weather or activity. Fully rechargeable, you can use it for days on a single charge. 

Reduce discomfort with a refurbished Embr Wave 2 Rechargeable Thermal Wristband, now only $169.99 through Feb. 23—a $180 discount from its usual $349 pricing.

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