Save $60 off this pop-up cabin tent that makes camping a breeze

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Looking to camp this summer or make a cross-country trip? This portable pop-up tent is perfect for all traveling and latches onto cars. Plus, it’s on sale for only $319.99, the best price online.

The concept of camping is exciting and thrilling, but even adventure seekers can admit that actually doing it is a whole other story. For one, you have to forego the luxuries and conveniences modern living affords you. For another, pitching a tent can be incredibly laborious and time-consuming.

If you insist on camping now that the weather permits it, CARSULE provides you with a cozy home outdoors so you can camp safely and comfortably. For a limited time, you can grab this pop-up car cabin for only $319.99 (reg. $379), the best price on the web.

Run-off-the-mill tents usually only allow for sleeping with very little extra room to move around. CARSULE, a Kickstarter hit with nearly $20,000 in pledges, is a pop-up tent that provides sufficient “real estate” for a makeshift outdoor living room. It’s also user-friendly enough to make installation a cakewalk.

Designed for vehicles with a tailgate that swings up, it features a cubic shape setup and a 6.5-foot standing height to allow for unrestricted movement inside, while its expansible space lets you configure it however you want. In short, you can do more activities inside beyond snoozing. With Carsule, you can chill “outside” and read a book, sip some evening cocktails while enjoying the outdoors, or provide a designated area for the kids to play in. The possibilities are endless.

In terms of support, this outdoor essential comes with diagonal ceiling tension lines that prevent shear deformation and double as a means to hang stuff from the ceiling, a guy rope that can survive even the strongest of winds, and an adaptive seal that latches onto a wide range of car models. Its exterior is also waterproof and made with UV protective coating, so it can withstand nearly every terrain.

Ready to camp and travel more comfortably?

Grab the CARSULE Pop-Up Cabin for Your Car now for just $319.99 (reg. $379). You won’t find a better price than this anywhere else online.

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