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The future of flying copters doesn’t only lie in drones that can perform search and rescue or mini aircraft that can deliver goods. Advanced drones can be fun, too.

Case in point: the AIR NEO AI-Powered Autofly™ Camera Drone is a 12-megapixel aerial camera that revolutionizes the way you capture footage and take selfies. A far cry from those remote-controlled quadcopters that are impossible to maneuver, this drone lets you take stunning photos and videos completely hands-free. You can cop one on sale for $10 off—no coupon needed.

Your idea of AI-powered flying robots may be reminiscent of those found in dystopian films, but no, this drone would not act in defiance—ever. With its Autofly technology, it can technically fly itself. Just toss it into the air like you would a boomerang, let it do its thing, and watch it fly back to you without needing to tinker with an app or a remote control.

This drone has sensors that track your motion to capture the perfect shot of whatever you’re doing, may it be dancing, running, or doing a complex pose. Taking a group-fie? No problem! It takes wide-angle shots from five feet away to make sure everyone gets in the picture. On the flip side, it can also snap close-up shots from 2.5 feet away to frame whatever subject perfectly. If you want to impress everyone, you can activate its orbit mode to complete a 360-degree shot.

Ideal for travel, the Air Neo is smaller than an iPhone and weighs nearly the same as a golf ball. It also packs 16GB of memory for ample storage and allows for instant sharing on social media with its accompanying Air Neo app.

Flex the coolest aerial shots on Instagram with the AIR NEO AI-Powered Autofly™ Camera Drone. It usually goes for $159, but you can get it on sale for only $149.99—no coupon required.

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