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Updated Apr 28, 2023 3:53 PM

A comfortable mouse pad is a must-have office item. As one of the most-used office accessories, it’s important to get a quality option that’s right for your particular needs. Maybe it’s one with a wrist rest; maybe you’re just looking for one designed with high-quality materials for fast response time. No matter what, comfort is key. If you find that after a day of clicking away on your mouse your hand is numb and cramping you could be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal tunnel, located in the wrist, is a passageway of bones and ligaments that can get irritated from pressure on nerves. Your wrist is a fragile part of the body that with repeated awkward mouse movements can lead to problems. With the right pick, you can correct (or prevent) these issues.

To pick the best mouse pad you’ll want to consider a few features. Are you looking for a gel pad that will add cushioning to your hand? Perhaps you want to keep your desk as minimalistic as possible and prefer something light and small. Check out our list of the very best mousepads to ensure you a comfortable day at your computer.

The best mouse pads: Reviews & Recommendations

Best with wrist rest: 3M Performance Mouse Pad



The high-quality surface ensures that your optical mouse functions accurately and with ease. It’s a great mouse pad with wrist rest for those looking to ease wrist pain. 3M Gel technology—which the company calls a “satin pillow” for your wrist—automatically gives you good form because of the added height of the gel pad. It’s large enough to allow you plenty of mouse space but compact enough so as not to eat up too much valuable desk surface. An ingenious surface design means it draws less current out of your mouse, saving you battery life.

Best for gaming: 3M Precision Wireless

Looking to level up your gaming setup? A proper surface guarantees reduced loss-of-signal and skipping errors, ideal for gaming. The 3M Precise Mouse Pad is 9 inches x 8 inches x .13 inches and is specially designed for fast response times. And you’ll get nearly 50 percent more battery life with it.

Best full-desk: Aothia Desk Pad Protector



The high-quality leather of this desk pad, which comes in an array of colors, adds a touch of style to your office space. Its sturdy build and anti-slip material are great for those who have lots going on at their desk. At 31.5 inches by 15.7 inches, it’s large enough to accommodate everything on your desk.

Best waterproof: Psitek Waterproof



A textured natural rubber underside gives this Psitek mouse pad stability. It’s a particularly great option if you have multiple workspaces, as you’ll get three pads in the pack. They’re completely waterproof, so enjoy your beverage in peace!

Best budget: Mroco Comfortable Mouse Pad



This MROCO mouse pad is made of high-quality Lycra, which adds precision. Stitched edges mean it won’t fray and will leave your desk looking smart and tidy. It’s also conveniently stain-proof and water-resistant.

Find the best mouse pad for office, gaming, and home use

Get the best desk accessory that will allow you to get work done, level up, or simply add comfort while surfing the web.

Get a mouse pad that won’t slip

Nothing is more irritating than trying to work quickly and accurately, only to have to constantly reposition the pad because it won’t stay put. Mousepads with a nonslip surface ensure that everything stays exactly where it should be, cutting down on errors and frustration. Consider this one a sanity saver.

Do you want to curtail wrist pain?

It’s crucial to give your hand and wrist a comfortable work surface to rest on. The angle of your wrist while gripping a mouse can have a big impact on your health and well-being. By getting a mouse surface that offers gel support, you’ll save yourself from future pain.

Although using your mouse may seem like an insignificant movement in your working day, the time you spend hovering and clicking can seriously add up. Make sure you’re working in comfort and have a nice gel pillow cushion to rest on.

Are you looking for a mouse pad made for gaming equipment?

A fast-performance mouse is only optimized when it’s paired with accessories that allow it to function at high speeds. It’s great for gamers looking to go for the gold with quick mouse performance. A nonslip pad guarantees stability in the most intense parts of an online battle.

Want a full-desk pick to cover everything?

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, you may want a desk cover that doubles as a mouse pad. A desk surface extends under your keyboard and computer, effectively turning your entire desk into a mouse-safe surface where you can also stow your desk accessories, like pen holders and cups. We love desk pads for the organization they automatically provide.

Looking for a klutz-proof mouse pad?

Who hasn’t knocked a glass of water or a mug of coffee or even the occasional beer all over their desk? If you have, make sure you have a waterproof option. Especially if you’re someone who tends to eat and drink at their desk, it doesn’t hurt to keep your things protected with a liquid-resistant and anti-stain design.

The best option doesn’t have to be pricey

You can get a great mouse pad that will deliver precision and a reliable workspace on a budget. Just ensure that it’s the right size and with a slick enough surface to allow your mouse to roam freely. If you have an extra-fast optical mouse, you may find some resistance in a cheaper pick, but for a more casual everyday mouse, a budget option will do the job.


Q: How often should you clean your mouse pad?

You’ll know whether it needs a wash. When it comes to how you wash it, some pads are machine-washable ( use a gentle detergent) and others should just be wiped down gently with water.

Q: What is the best size for a mouse pad?

It depends on what you’re looking for and your personal preference. If you like the feel of a pad and the freedom a large one gives you, go for a full-desk option. If you’re looking for something solid feeling and don’t have any ergonomic needs, opt for something with a slim base. There’s no right answer when it comes to size—it’s all about what feels right to you.

Q: Is it bad to use a mouse without a pad?

Yes! Using a mouse on a desk surface like wood will result in your mouse malfunctioning. On the wrong kind of surface your mouse will lag or be unable to recognize movements. A mouse pad solves this by providing a smooth surface designed for performance.

A final word on shopping for the best mouse pads

To ensure you’re using the best one for you pick a pad that’s nonslip and sturdy enough to stay in the precise location you need it to be. Waterproof and stain-proof materials give you added assurance in case of accidental spills. Lastly, you want a quality surface that lets the mouse react with speed and accuracy. It’s just one of the crucial laptop accessories you can get to upgrade your entire life.


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