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If there’s a time for a car to randomly fall apart, it’s right when you need to use it most. With the holiday travel season fast approaching, that means a car owner should be on high alert for loose bolts, low washer fluid, and a rogue check engine light. Prepare for almost any potential auto disaster with these GEARWRENCH, Crescent Hand Tools, and Chemical Guys Car Wash Products on sale on Amazon.



This 34-piece ratching combination wrench set is a whopping 70% off right now, down to $85.64 from its original $289.99 price. A thin head and beam allow you to get to any nuts and bolts hiding in nooks and crannies, and the size is stamped on both ends of the beam to find the kind of wrench you need quickly. The ratcheting end has 72 teeth, making it so that you only need to turn it five degrees to fasten, versus 30 degrees for standard wrenches. The wrench end has an off-corner loading design to prevent rounding and provides a better grip on fasteners.

No set of tools is complete without a tool box—this 20-inch, three-drawer black tool box is on sale for $48, down 45% from $86.97. It’s rust- and corrosion-resistant and includes a handle for portability.

Stop road salt grime in its tracks with the Chemical Guys Wheel Guard Max Coat and Rim Sealant, on sale for $17.23, down 22% from its $21.99 original price. The wheel coating creates a glossy shield that prevents brake dust, dirt, and other nastiness from crusting up your wheels.

Don’t wait to snag these deals—they’ll be gone like fallen snow on a 40-degree day.

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