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Even if your job doesn’t involve a lot of number crunching, there’s a good chance that you still work with spreadsheets. Whether it’s data sorting, inventory management, or creating beautiful charts, Microsoft Excel’s wide-ranging capabilities are useful in a variety of contexts. But while you claim to be comfortable with using the program, each software update yields a buffet of significant updates and new features that make it challenging to learn how to make the most out of them all.

If you want to be in the know and gain a deeper understanding of Excel while at it, the Essential 2022 Excel Wizard Bundle offers expert-led training on both fundamental and advanced functionalities, and for a limited time, it’s available for the price you pick.

This bundle packs 11 hours of premium content on must-know formulas and functions, skills like generating bots and data modeling, and so much more. Under the guidance of Lenny Wu, a senior financial analyst and modeling expert who has over two decades of working with Excel, you’ll get to explore the program in a way you haven’t done before. On top of basic training, you can expect to gain a deeper understanding of Excel’s state-of-the-art functions, including dynamic formulas like VLOOKUP, VBA macro, API reporting, building interactive budgeting models, Pivot Tables, Power Query, and Power Pivot, and even the fundamentals of VBA. By the time you finish, you’ll be able to gain total control of Excel with full confidence.

Now here comes the fun part. You can pay whatever price you want for this bundle, and if you happen to beat the average, you will be granted access to the full set of courses. If what you pay ends up being less, you still get to take home something great. And if you surpass what the current leader’s price is, your name will be entered into a giveaway, where you’ll be in the running to win an exciting VR gaming set. How does that sound?

Prices subject to change.