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Another update: You all bought so many Star Wars watches. Stock is spotty, so if you see something you want, grab it. Also, if you don’t find anything you want, go check out this deal on Vitamix Blenders. They’re $200 off!

Update: OK, apparently you all really liked the Death Star watch because Amazon sold out of them very quickly. You can check to see if it’s back in stock now, but a helpful reader let me know that there are also a number of other Citizen Star Wars watches still in-stock and on-sale at Amazon right now.

Citizen Eco-Drive Star Wars Men’s Watch, Chewbacca Brown $217 (was $325)



OK, so the Death Star watch is sold out, but this stainless steel watch with a Chewbacca Brown strap (that’s the official name of it). it’s an Eco-Drive watch, which means you never have to change the battery or wind, and the Star Wars embellishments are subtle so you can wear it in any situation. If that doesn’t fit your style, here are some more Star Wars Citizen watches on-sale at the moment.

Lots of watch brands have credibility in the nerd world. Casios, of course, have been classic nerd couture for decades. Omega made watches that literally went to the moon. But today’s Citizen watch deal at Amazon offers something a little different, and when it comes to the graphic, that’s no moon.

Citizen Star Wars Death Star Eco-Drive watch $200 (was $395)



You won’t find a ton of Star Wars merch that you could wear to a formal gathering, but Citizen’s Death Star watch fits just fine with a tuxedo whatever it is people wear to Comic Con. Plus, it’s just $200, which is just under half off its $395 regular price. It’s a full-fledged Citizen Eco-Drive watch, which means it offers 100 meters of water resistance and it never needs a battery change or winding as long as you give it some sunshine ever once in a while.

It has a black stainless steel bracelet with a luminous white graphic that lights up in a familiar blue when it gets dark. The unique dome-shaped dial creates an interesting visual effect that almost makes the graphic seem three-dimensional. It’s the classiest piece of Star Wars merch you’re going to find this side of those light saber cuff links your mom wouldn’t let you wear to your grandma’s 90th birthday party.

More Citizen watch deals

Maybe you don’t want to rock a Star Wars watch all the time. What if the person doing your next job interview is a Trekkie? That would be super awkward. Luckily, there are plenty of other Citizen watches on-sale at Amazon right now.