Become a Google Cloud Developer and streamline your business operations

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Becoming a Google Cloud Engineer can help raise your earning potential in a competitive cloud job market. Right now, you can get The 2023 Complete Google Cloud Developer and DevOps Course Bundle for just $39.

The cloud is essential for businesses of all sizes these days. From offering custom communication solutions to secure storage and more, the cloud keeps businesses connected and operating at optimal capacity. Businesses that can create tailored solutions for themselves can reap even more benefits, which is why hiring cloud experts is invaluable.

If you want to raise your earning potential and be more competitive in the job market, learning Google Cloud is a good step in the right direction. With The 2023 Complete Google Cloud Developer and DevOps Course Bundle, you’ll get eight courses designed to help you become a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) expert.

While GCP may not have quite the same market share as Amazon Web Services (AWS), it’s nonetheless an invaluable tool for aspiring cloud developers to learn. In this bundle, you’ll learn from iCollege, one of the most trusted names in online learning, used at Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 500 companies alike to keep employee skills up to snuff.

Through the courses, you’ll get an introduction to cloud technology and learn how to create a transformation project to revolutionize a business. In the two-part Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer course, you’ll learn what you need to know to pass the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer certification exam and implement a cohesive cloud architecture in your organization. You’ll also learn how to continually develop and manage the infrastructure with a DevOps education, manage GCP data storage, explore networking fundamentals, and much more.

Become a GCP expert and raise your earning potential—grab The 2023 Complete Google Cloud Developer and DevOps Course Bundle now for just $39.

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