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I was slightly skeptical of Apple’s AirTags object trackers when they first debuted. Since then, however, I have added them to several of my important belongings. I have one on my keys, one for my daily carry bag, two in my most-used camera bags, and one in my car. A four-pack will typically cost you $99 at Amazon, but act now and you can get it for just $85. That’s big savings compared to the $28 they cost when purchased individually.

Apple AirTags [4-pack] $85 (Was $99)

Unlike other object-tracking devices, the AirTag doesn’t rely on GPS. Instead, it uses a low-power Bluetooth connection to ping off iPhones and locate itself via Apple’s FindMy network. Once you’ve synced the AirTag up with your iPhone, you can ask Siri to help you find it. The AirTag can either play a noise to help you hunt it down or literally guide you to within one foot of the AirTag like a high-tech game of hotter/colder.

These are super useful for everything from keeping tabs on your wallet to ensuring you know where your luggage is when you go on a trip.

Essential AirTag accessory deals we’re tracking

You can just chuck an AirTag into a bag, but there are also more elegant solutions for keeping tabs on your stuff. Here are some essential AirTag accessories to consider, most of which are also on sale.