Casio’s Super Compact, Super Flexible TRYX Reimagines the Point-and-Shoot Camera

Compact, ultra-fast image processors power high-quality, shape-shifting cameras

John Muggenborg

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Camera makers are reimagining the boxy point-and-shoot. Shrunken sensors allow for crafty designs, while faster processors create shots old models can’t match. Casio’s slim TRYX is the first of this new breed.

The TRYX is nimble, turning 180 degrees on two axes. Its three-inch LCD spins to show you what’s in the shot, be it around a corner or over a crowd. A frame rotates around the lens to support the camera as a stand, handle or hook.

This lean package, however, holds real power. The brain behind its 12-megapixel sensor creates four-times zoom without a protruding lens and brings out detailed lights and darks—known to pros as “high dynamic range”—without Photoshopping. In either case, the sensor combines three rapid-fire shots into a single image, to bring out either background details or a wider color spectrum.

The TRYX opens up many new design possibilities. Such advanced processors could easily wind up in everyday forms like pens and wristwatches.

Casio TRYX

Sensor: 12-megapixel CMOS
Lens: 21-mm, fixed
Zoom: 4x digital
Price: $250
More Info: